frequency chartOnce you become aware of your feelings, you will be able to create the life that you truly desire. Words create emotions. Emotions attract energy. That energy can be good or bad depending on how you feel. When you feel good, good things will come to you. Feeling good comes from the thoughts that are going on in your head. Most of your thoughts stem from your reality. Understanding the emotion chart will help you realize how you’re feeling and how far you are from genuinely feeling better. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the emotion chart to help you manifest with the law of attraction. The emotion chart is also known as the feelings chart or the frequency chart. Below, you will find an excerpt from my law of attraction book for beginners. The purpose is to teach individuals how to become aware of their emotions and explain how to raise their vibrations based on where they are on the vibration chart.


Understanding the Emotion Chart by Frequency


If you ever want to know where you are on the frequency chart, analyze your thoughts and how they make you feel. The emotional chart ranges from 20 Hz to 700+ Hz. The higher you are on the vibration scale, the better you will feel. When you feel better, your thoughts will align with
your emotions. When your frequency is high, you can feel it all through your body. It’s electrifying. The higher your vibrations will result in faster manifestations.

You can’t move up the emotional scale instantly. There is no way for you to go from feeling fear to feeling enlightenment separated by one thought. Think of the emotional scale as a hotel elevator with many floors. You can’t instantly get to the 32nd floor from the lobby without going
through the other thirty floors first. The emotional scale works the exact same way. You have to slowly raise your vibrations on the scale to get to a great feeling place.

It’s important to stop negative thoughts in its path. One negative thought leads to another. When one negative thought follow one another, you are spiraling down the emotional scale. The conversations that you have with yourself are the most important ones. When you notice that you are thinking negatively, call yourself out. You can tell yourself, “I am aware that I am thinking negative thoughts. It is time for me to change them for the better.”


You will find the levels to the emotional scale following this page. Pinpoint what your thoughts align with it and make a point to change the conversation. Take control of your thoughts. Our feelings and emotions are measured in hertz. Studies show that a positive thought brings
your vibration up 10 megahertz. One megahertz is the equivalent to one million hertz. Your ultimate goal is to have your body vibrating on the emotional scale between 500 Hz and 700 Hz consistently. If you are consistently floating between 500 Hz and 700 Hz on the emotional
scale, your manifestations will appear quicker. A negative thought brings your frequency down -12 MHz Raising your frequency with one positive thought can be totally erased if you follow that thought with a negative one. Don’t mess up all of your hard work of channeling positive
thoughts by beginning to think about something that no longer serves you.

20 Hz – Shame

20 Hz – Shame: A feeling of distress and humiliation caused by a person or a specific event in one’s life. Your thoughts may align with feeling embarrassed or discomforted. This is the lowest point on the emotional scale but you don’t have to stay here. Something happened that has you feeling embarrassed or distressed. Note that you cannot change something that has already happened. The only thing that you can do is rewrite your future events so you don’t have to feel this feeling again. Instead of dwelling on the situation, start working on feeling better. You do this with the personal conversations with yourself.

What statement feels better?

“I can’t believe that happened to me. I don’t know why bad things keep happening to me. I don’t deserve this. I am so sad and I am so embarrassed. I can’t stop thinking about it.”


“I understand that things won’t always go my way in life but I won’t dwell on it. I have plenty of things to look forward to. I will have plenty of chances to redeem myself. The past is behind me. I am choosing to make the rest of my day of a great one no matter what. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to change my day around.” In the statement above, it was vital to change your personal conversation from negative to positive. When you start with a negative thought, you can easily follow it with a positive one. The first positive thought is the hardest but it is the most important as well.

30 Hz – Guilty

30 Hz – Guilty: A feeling of responsibility for wrongdoing. Your thoughts may align with regret and remorse for your actions. The feeling of guilt can haunt one if one doesn’t forgive themselves. In order to move up the emotional scale from feeling guilty, you have to forgive yourself. Acknowledge how you’re feeling, what you learned, how you made other parties feel, and move on. As I stated before, you can’t change the past. The best apology is changed behavior. You will have every opportunity to prove yourself. Choosing to forgive yourself now is the first step to getting to a positive emotional state.

What statement feels better?

“I feel so bad about what happened. I wish I never did that. I’m starting to hate myself. I can’t get what I did out of my head. I’m really in a bad mood because of it.”



“I can’t change what happened but I can focus on what happens from now on to make sure there’s a better outcome in the future. I am human and humans make mistakes. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to move differently from now on. I understand what I did wrong and I am determined to become a better version of myself. I am worthy of a second chance.” You are your worst critic. You have the opportunity to wake up and become a better version of yourself every day. There is no room for feeling guilt. At one point, you made the conscious decision to act in a way that you did. Now that you realize that your actions are not acceptable, you can work to change how you move. The first step to doing so is deciding that you will.

75 Hz – Grief

75 Hz – Grief: A feeling of deep sadness or misery. Your thoughts may align with suffering and pain. It’s natural to encounter sad moments in your life. No one lives a life without experiencing at least one event that makes them feel sorrow. It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about
how you react to it that shapes your life moving forward.

It is easy to slip into depression when you experience trauma. For example, someone close to you could have passed away. Their passing resulted in you feeling extreme sadness because you won’t be able to speak to them or hug them anymore. A short of period of mourning is normal. However, you can redirect that negative energy into something positive. Imagine living a life where you suppress those negative thoughts instead of telling the world about the one you miss. A great way to handle their passing is creating a charity in their honor and spreading positivism in their name.

What statement feels better?

“I can’t live without them! I am devastated by them not being here anymore. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same without them being here. I can’t stop crying. I don’t think I can move passed this. They meant so much to me.”


“They were such a good person. I am sad that they’re gone but they wouldn’t want me to be depressed. They would want me to live life at full capacity. Instead of living in misery, I am going to make sure the whole world knows their name. I am going to make them proud! I understand that everyone has to go someday but their life won’t be in vein. I am grateful that I got to have them in my life as long as I did.”

There’s always an opportunity to flip a bad situation into a motivational purpose. You can come out every single time if you make the decision to.

100 Hz – Fear

100 Hz – Fear: A feeling of anxiety surrounding the outcome of something. Your thoughts may align with uneasiness. The outcome of every situation is determined by the frequency of your thoughts. Instead of worrying that you won’t receive the desired result, expect to receive the
results you want. Fear is nothing but uncertainty of your desire going unfulfilled. However, the law of attraction states that what we focus on, we will receive by default. If you are focusing on things not going your way, you should focus on you getting what you want instead.

What statement feels better?

“I lost my job and I only have 8 days to come up with the rent money. I don’t think I’ll have it in time and we’ll get evicted. I’m scared my kids and I are going to be homeless and I’ll have an eviction on my credit report. I’ll receive one more check before then but I’ll be short $600. I might as well start packing our things because there’s no way I can come up with that kind of money in such a short period of time.”


“I did lose my job but I’m grateful that I get one more check before rent is due. I’ll only need $600 more to have the full amount. At least I have 8 days to figure it out. I’ll start my visualizations and meditation to manifest it. I WILL have the full amount by time I need to pay the rent. I’m sure I can find some odd jobs that will pay me fast. From there, I’ll work on getting a new job to smooth everything out. Everything will be just fine. I am about to make the biggest comeback of all time.”

125 Hz – Desire

125 Hz – Desire: A feeling of wanting to have something or someone. Your thoughts may align with aspiration. Desire is fine as long as it’s not coming from a place of desperation.

Desperation translates to need. Need aligns with fear on the emotional scale. If you desire something, it should be filled with excitement instead of worry. When you request something from the universe, your feelings surrounding the situation should be positive or that desire
won’t come into fruition.

What statement feels better?

“I desperately need a new car because the one I have keeps breaking down every other week. This car sucks! I wish I had a new car so bad. I hate this car. I can’t wait to get rid of it.”


“I am grateful for the car that I have because it gets me to where I need to go. I do love the color and the interior is still nice. The sound system is my favorite part. I am blessed to have a car because many people need one. I am excited to get a new car soon. For now, I am grateful
for the one I have.”

In order to receive something better than what you have, you have to be grateful for what you already have in your possession. Why would the universe bless you with your desires if you’re not grateful for what you have already? Once you learn to appreciate what you have already,
the universe will learn that you are ready for the next level of blessings.

150 Hz – Anger

150 Hz – Anger: A feeling of hostility or annoyance. Your thoughts may align with infuriating or irritation. Understand that everything won’t go as planned. Understand that every person you encounter won’t act in a way that is desirable to you. Understand that every person you encounter wasn’t raised with your morals. Once you learn to accept people the way they are and things the way it is, the amount of anger you feel from being disappointed will decrease. You have to learn to expect certain behaviors from people although they don’t align with your beliefs. Anger is a natural reaction. However, you do not have to stay in the state of being angry.

175 Hz – Pride

175 Hz – Pride: A feeling of awareness for one’s own dignity. Your thoughts may align with unwillingness to emerge with other’s thoughts or requests. Having a sense of pride in accomplishments is much different from using your pride from to hindering yourself from reaching your accomplishments or a positive solution to something. Pride is low on the emotional scale because more times than not, it hinders one from living a full life. Pride comes with negative thoughts. Certain situations in your life will call for you to make a decision to put your pride to the side for the greater good.

What statement feels better?

“I’m not the one that’s wrong in this situation. I do miss them but they will have to reach out to me first so we can solve things. I know they have reached out to me twice already but I wasn’t ready to talk to them. They will have to reach out to me again since I am ready now.”


“I realize that in order to come to a happy medium, we have to talk. Although they upset me, I want to understand their point of view. There was a reason for their actions at the time. My pride is in the way and I no longer want to live my life with negative intentions.” There has never been a situation where one is prideful and positive at the same time. When you are prideful about something, it means your harboring ill feelings along with it. Your pride  can be the very thing that is blocking your blessing.

250 Hz – Neutrality

250 Hz – Neutrality: A feeling of being undecided on an issue. Your thoughts may align with indifference or dispassion. Every situation you are placed in is for a reason. You have the decision to find out what that reason is. Feeling apathy isn’t pushing the needle forward with your purpose. With every situation, you are meant to learn something or change the course of the state of affairs.

What statement feels better?

“I could really care less about what’s going on. It has nothing to do with me. As long as it doesn’t bring any problems to my life then I’m fine.”


“I could only imagine what they’re going through. I wonder what I can do to help. I’m sure this was brought to my attention for a reason. I want to understand the bigger message in this.” Things don’t have to affect you directly but things don’t fall into your lap by accident. Check to see if there is an underlying message in the situation that can benefit your knowledge.

310 Hz – Willingness

310 Hz – Willingness: A feeling of being ready to do something. Your thoughts may align with desire and inclination to move forward. Channeling your willingness turns into inspiration. Feeling inspired turns into passion. Willingness doesn’t come with negative thoughts. Adding fuel to your thoughts of willingness will spiral you into more positive and motivating thoughts. From here, you can build on your feelings and move up the emotional scale to manifest what you are trying to accomplish. Your willingness to start something means that there is a goal that you want to accomplish.

“I’ve always wanted to run a marathon. I am going to see what I need to do to start training. I want to be in the best shape of my life to make running the marathon easier on myself. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. I’m excited! I am going to get this done.” Once the universe knows you are serious about accomplishing the end goal, it will move things around to help you succeed. You will miraculously find the information that you need and meet the right people that are on the same wave length as you. Never doubt that the universe wants you to get what you want. The only thing that could get in your way is your own self doubt.

350 Hz – Acceptance

350 Hz – Acceptance: A feeling of receiving an outcome about something. Your thoughts may align with coming to terms with a conclusion. Accepting where you are currently will give you a peace of mind and will let your mind be free to all possibilities. Understand that you are at your exact stage in life for a reason. You have two options. You can either focus on the lack of your desire or focus on the abundance that you are about to receive. Only one option will give you a peace of mind. Accept that you are on your way to obtaining what you want. Your rear view mirror is cracked so there is no need to look back at what’s behind you. You should only focus on what is ahead and get excited about it.

“I am content with where I am right now. I have been putting in the work to get what I want out of life. I am grateful for how far I’ve come! It’s only a matter of time before I align with my dreams. It’s so close I can taste it. It’s time for me to focus on feeling good to accept what I want in my life.”

400 Hz – Reason

400 Hz – Reason: A feeling of purpose. Your thoughts may align with finding logic in putting in effort for the greater good. Realizing your purpose in life and the reasons as to why you should do certain things coincides with the frequency of reason. You know for a fact as to why you are doing something or about to do something. Doubt is no longer present in your daily thoughts and activities.

“I feel in my heart that I was put on this earth to help as many people as I can. I am grateful that I get to proceed with aligning with my purpose. I am so thankful that I found my path on this journey. I am so excited to accomplish this! The results are about to be amazing.”
Realizing that what you are doing are impacting people in a positive way will always lead to better thoughts. Better thoughts will lead to feeling better. The ultimate goal is to always feel as best as you can. Finding the reason to do something will give you the extra push that you need to accomplish it and feel great while accomplishing it.

500 Hz – Love

500 Hz – Love: A feeling of deep attachment and affection. Your thoughts may align with warmth, endearment, and attachment towards a person, place, or thing. Love is the most powerful feeling on earth. Love is the key to give all of your desires drive to come into fruition.

First, you have to accept where you are. Second, you must find the reason for what you are trying to obtain. Third, you have to show gratitude for what you already have in order to receive the bigger or better version of what you have. Finally, you have to exhume love with everything that you do. You don’t necessarily have to focus on loving your desire. You just have to find a subject that you love so much and focus on everything you love about it. The feeling of love will attract all of the abundance that you need to manifest your desire. You want to affirm how much you love your subject until you feel that your heart is full of happiness.

For Example:

“ I love my child so much. I love how gentle and innocent he is. I love his smile. I love the way he loves me. I love how smart and intuitive he is. I love his laugh. I love his unconditional love. I love his little face. I am so blessed to have a child like him. I am so blessed to be his mom. I love his cuddles and the way he wants to be next to me all of the time. I love watching him grow. He gives me a purpose. My heart is so full because of him. I am beyond grateful.”

Engulfing yourself in your thoughts about what you love will naturally raise your vibration. It’s good to incorporate a soft and gentle thought on your desire while immersing in your thoughts about the thing that loves you so much. The two thoughts don’t have to be related. The purpose is to take advantage of your high vibrations and shoot your desire into the universe while you have the feeling of love.

540 Hz – Joy


540 Hz – Joy: A feeling of happiness and boundless pleasure. Your thoughts may align with how blissful you are. Pure happiness should be a goal from the beginning. Instead of trying to manifest a certain thing with your thoughts, focus on manifesting pure joy and happiness in your life. When you focus on things that bring joy to you, more things that bring joy to you will come – including what you want to manifest. You can’t fake happiness. Your assignment from is here is to maintain your level of happiness consistently.

For example:
“I am grateful that I woke up today. I am going to make today the best day of my life. I woke up feeling great. I have too many things to be grateful for. I am blessed!”

600 Hz – Peace

600 Hz – Peace: A feeling of freedom from troubles, worries, and insecurities. Your thoughts may align with a sense of calmness and security. A sense of peace is the best feeling you can have. The feeling of peace is where you don’t have any worries or doubts in your life. The feeling of having everything you want and need will resonate at this level of spirituality. Many people do not want tons of cash just to have it. The peace that comes along with not having to worry about anything financially is what people chase. Find contentment and peace in your life and the level of abundance you crave will find you.

For example:

“I am at peace because I have everything I need to live an abundant life. God has giving me all of the tools I need to elevate my life. It is up to me to focus on the good so more good will come to me.”

700 Hz – Enlightenment

700 Hz – Enlightenment: A feeling of awareness, understanding, and wisdom. Your thoughts may align with a sense of fullness. At 700+ Hz, you have activated the highest form of yourself. Solutions to problems will find you simply because you are can reach your highest level of
wisdom. Random thoughts aren’t just thoughts when you are vibrating at this frequency.

For example:

“Everything that I think and say will manifest into my reality. My steps are being guided by my spirit angels. All of the knowledge that I seek will be placed in front of me at the right time. I am forever grateful for my journey that has brought me this far.”

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