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You may know me as Amber or  "The Love Gal" from YouTube. I have accumulated millions of views and thousands of subscribers while teaching others how to use the law of attraction. While I don't consider myself a law of attraction coach, I do enjoy teaching others how to co-create. 

Manifesting is fun!  I want it to be fun for you as well. That's why I created different manifestation tools to take out the guess work from your equation. I put all of the tools in one bundle so you don't have to worry about having everything that you need. I am known all around the world for my manifestation techniques and they are working for countless others as well. It's an amazing feeling. I love hearing success stories from the people who are using my tools.

You are more than welcome to check out a few of my favorite testimonials below from my viewers & customers. 

law of attraction coach

Amber Ricquel (The Love Gal)

Owner of Law of


Being Able to Manifest the Small Things But Not Your Biggest Desires 
Your Manifestations Coming In Slower Than You Would Like
Not Knowing Where to Start in Your Co-Creating Journey
Being Overwhelmed with Limiting Beliefs
Not Truly Believing That You Deserve What You're Asking For
Feeling Anxious While Trying to Manifest
Feeling You Have to Figure Out How It's Going to Come Into Your Reality


Understanding How the Law of Attraction Works and How to Use It to Your Advantage with an 118 page eBook
Get Help with (Up to 16) Fun Scripting Packets By Answering Scenario Questions That Activate Your Subconscious Mind
Raise Your Vibrations and Visualize with a Powerful Guided Meditation to Help You Focus 
Get Reminded with a Quick Glance with 2 Meaningful Cheat Sheets
Start Your Day Off Right with an Electric 153-Positive Affirmation Audio Loop 
And More


how to manifest
the Law of attraction


Manifestation Blueprint

($5.99 USD)

Want to learn about the important aspects of the law of attraction and how to use it correctly? This 118-page eBook walks you through the manifestation process and teaches you what you need to know!

Up to 16 Scripting Worksheet Packets

($23.00 USD)

If you want something to manifest, write it down. These fun guided scripting packets are designed with you in mind! They will make sure you aren't leaving out key details when scripting. There are up to 16 different subjects to choose from including manifesting love, your dream home, more money, business success, and more. 

16 Minute Guided Meditation Audio

($8.88 USD)

Need help calming your mind? This two-part audio will help you visualize what you want to manifest and raise your vibrations in the same setting. 

153 Positive Affirmation Audio

($6.99 USD)

Need some help getting your day started on a positive note? That's understandable. This audio loop includes over 150 positive affirmations that you can use daily.

How to Earn on YouTube Bonus

($12.99 USD)

Let's face it...if you want to earn money on your own, you have to sell a product or a service. This blueprint will give you insight on how to jumpstart your YouTube channel and make money from digital products. 

Two Cheat Sheet Infographics

Need a Quick Reminder on What to Do to Manifest What You Want? The "How to Manifest" and "Night Time Routine Cheat Sheets Are Included in this Bundle. 








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