"Of Course Manifesting Things Into My Life Is Amazing. However, Watching My Students Do the Same Thing Is An Even Better Feeling!"

Meet The Love Gal

Hey! My name is Amber. I am known all over the world as "The Love Gal". Some consider me "gifted" but I think I am a regular person who is in tune with the universe and energy. I didn't think helping people tap into their powers was apart of my journey until I woke up one day and I was already doing it. In all honesty, I love it! In so many words, I help people manifest what they truly want out of life. If you are here and you're wondering, is the law of attraction real? - Then you should take a look below at a few testimonials that were sent into me!

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Last night me and my boyfriend got into an argument and I seriously was just thinking about the whole relationship, we've been together over a year and had our ups and down . This morning  I went to the gym and I started listening to how to raise your vibration, later on that day my boyfriend surprise me with my favorite food and something I ask him to buy for the house a couple days. This has taught me that no matter what I go through to raise my vibration and things around me will change


 Quick testimonial. I was thinking out loud saying  it would be nice to have $10k. I burned a bay leaf with “$10,000 now, harm to none,” written on it. Now I applied for a chase sapphire credit card to build up points for travel, so I wasn’t expecting a big line of credit. In the mail today came my card with a $9k limit. I was floored!!! Next time I’ll be more specific and include “no strings attached, direct deposited into my bank account" THIS IS FUN!!!! Thanks for all of your amazing content you produce, it has helped me tremendously.


I will keep my message straight and to the point. Firstly, thank YOU. You have helped me a lot. You have helped me re-shape my way of thinking in a positive way. I bought your blueprint and was going over it. The part where you helped your friend find his limited beliefs for the job he wanted was spot on. I was going through the same thing. The way things were going, I thought I would have to get a second job. Instead, a new job opportunity came up that would pay me SIX FIGURES ($65,000 increase). Guess what Amber???? I just received my offer letter on FRIDAY. I couldn’t breathe at first . I had my twin boys last month so this job will help give them the life they deserve. That blueprint is the truth 🏽🏽. I now know I can get anything . 


Hi love gal! I bought your guided scripting a few weeks ago and printed them out but never got around to taking the time to write so I did yesterday and you won't believe what happened! 4 hours later I made 2 sales that landed me $161 I kid you not. I did the income increase guided scripting and really took the time with what you had provided. And today another $45 has come to me so easily and effortlessly!! Thank you so much for sharing this POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE way with me and the world! Love you!!!! 
️️Also would like you to know I haven't had any money coming to me in months! But now boom boom and BOOM!
I wrote this on your recent YouTube video and you haven't seen it yet. So this was a week ago. And now my money is up to $530 ! As of January 20th, 2020. Wow ! I am in complete shock and gratitude. Thank you again!! ️🥰  


Hey hey! Laying in bed relaxed at this moment listening to your raise your vibration motivation audio that I bought from your law of attraction blueprint. And guess what has happened within 4 mins of it??? $50 in my PayPal! I just got paid from an unexpected source! Your stuff works so fast! Thank you so much for sharing all of the effective and powerful ways to Manifest! Love you ️  


Ooo.... Weeee... You big beautiful mother freaking woman YOU!!! I did that manifesting a$$ Bs you was kicking. BABY that bread was in my account the same mother freaking DAY!!!! YOU GOTTA FOLLOWER 4 LIFE PEACE!!!!! BAE- BEE.... BAE BAAAAH!!!!!  


SOMETHING JUST HAPPENED. But first, did you know what you were creating when you created your scripting worksheets??? $6,004.32 just came to me from a great aunt that I haven't spoken to in years! I used your income scripting bundle last Monday. Last night, my mother handed me this envelope from my great Aunt. I'm definitely scratching my head but THANK YOU


...But guess what?! I'm sitting here looking at my $30,000 winning scratch off ticket. I called into work today. I still can't believe it. I CAN'T FOCUS. Thank you. I combined the scratch off technique that you gave us in your blueprint and then I started scripting using the winning lottery packet in case you share this and [people] want to know!  


I've been watching your YouTube videos for almost a year now and I copped your law of attraction blueprint and I must say, it is FANTASTIC. I am a beginner and it breaks everything down simply to the point where I can understand. I have the confidence to manifest a lot now. Ready to conquer the world! Thanks man!  


Wow! Just wow! My name is Bell and I’ve been subscribed to you for months. The video you posted yesterday was amazing! Although that was a reminder to contact you, that’s not why I’m here. 
I wanted to tell you that I manifested $4300 over the weekend! I think it had something to do with your increase your income packet I used  because it came shortly after. Someone reached out to me to pay for some web design services. The shocking part about it is that I’m NOT in that field anymore but they heard about me from years ago. I wanted to manifest $5000 but I’ll gladly take the $4300! Thank you Love Gal!   


ONE OF MY WORKSHEETS MANIFESTED!!! Hey Love Gal, I am one of the people who bought your scripting bundle the first time you mentioned it. I used the "winning the lottery one". I didn't do it for the powerball but I did it for the "daily 4" to test it out and my belief system. After I scripted and followed the instructions, I had a dream that I won! So I decided to go play yesterday and I just checked my ticket and I won! I played "Straight" for $1 and won $5,000 just like I wanted! I'm so happy right now I could kiss you [LOL]. Thank you!


Hey Amber

Since you played a big part of my journey this year I thought I'd let you know....

I decided to wait and I reached out to my ex [redacted] last week, since then we've text a few times, spoke on the phone and we met for a drink on Wednesday. It was really good to see him and we've already planned to see each other again next Tuesday.

When I contacted you 9 months ago I never thought I'd see or hear from him again, I believe through your guidance and opening my eyes to law of attraction is why my manifestation came through.

Thank you Amber!  


My turn! My turn! I hope you see this. I saw that you posted about the person who won $75,000 by following your blueprint. I don't know why I didn't think to tell you this but I manifested $9,900 a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to manifest $8,000 for a down payment on a house. I did like you said and imagined me being in the house with my kids and really loving the house. I did that every chance I got because it FELT good to visualize. I've been wanting a house so bad but saving little by little was taking forever. My BROTHER came to me and gave me $9,900! He sold his business and wanted me to get my house sooner than later. I was in tears! I didn't expect it to come from him. Thank you Amber. What you are doing is changing lives around the world. I love you! Feel free to share mine too because people need to know your stuff works! 


 Hey Love Gal! I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your Manifestation Blueprint the day you put it out. I just finished it yesterday. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THAT TOGETHER! It was so refreshing and I am beyond excited about my life now. I definitely learned a lot from it. I love the little life hack section at the end too. I want you to share my message somehow because I think this blueprint will change many lives A. You are appreciated 


You're amazing! Thank you and merry Christmas to you!!! You've helped me flip the rejection on my ex and I'm so happy! Thank you for empowering me again 


I just want to say that you are phenomenal. You are one of the most authentic people on YouTube.  I don't know why it didn't click to do your lottery technique that's in the back of your law of attraction blueprint before. It's simple yet and effective. I no longer have to guess. I won $3,000 so far. I just know I'm going to manifest that big ticket soon. 



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