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Please Check out Our FAQ before using the contact form below. 

I Never Received My Email / or Lost the Email with my Download Link. Can you send it to me?

Sure! But you can try using our 'Download Retrieval Tool' first. It will send you your link to the email that you used. Click here to use. it. If you use it and you still don't receive it, there is a chance that you entered your email incorrectly on accident, OR there was a glitch somewhere.  It happens more than you would think, unfortunately. It's okay! I 100% want people to get what they pay for. Send an email to dearlovegal[at] and allow up to 1 business for a reply! I will either send your download link or manually attach the files to the thread. 

I purchased with Apple Pay but I didn't receive the email with my download link. How can I get it?

There's a strong chance that your Apple Pay email is the one you're no longer using ;). Send an email to dearlovegal[at] and explain your situation. Please include your name, item, and date that you purchased. Please allow up to 48 business hours to receive a reply!

I need your help! Can you give me personal advice? How much is it?

Hey! I understand that you may need personal advice. At the moment, I am not offering that service. I typically announce on my YouTube channel when I will be offering personal/custom advice. I know some of you may see this message and still proceed to ask me for personal advice. If you have a quick question and I see your question, I can answer it. However, no one has permission to emotional dump on me. What does emotional dump mean? That is when someone tells me their whole life story, problems, what their going through, and how they feel without permission. It typically comes in a form of a very long email lol.  That is not fair to me. But you MAY ask permission to do so first. If I am receptive at the moment when I see your message, you may be granted permission to do so. Emails that contain emotional dumping typically get ignored. 

I would like to advertise on your YouTube channel/sponsor a video for my business. What are your rates?

Please use the form below with your budget, information on your business or service, and what you have in mind. 

I would like to make a donation. How can I do so?

I appreciate your support! Thank you so much in advance. You can make a secure donation by clicking here or Using Cash App: $ABLL310 🙂

I can help your business and/or videos. Can I send you etc.?

Respectfully, no thank you. I get tons of emails from freelancers that offer certain services. This can include SEO/video optimization services, email marketing campaigns, etc.. I know that this isn't free and that's okay! I'm just not interested. As a marketer myself, I recommend that you put your work in front of people who are looking for what you do. Closing the sale is much easier that way. 

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