"Manifesting  should be a fun activity. i want to teach you how to manifest anything in a shorter period of time" - The Love Gal

My "Newbie Blueprint to Manifesting"  e-Book

A 118-page beginner guide on how to use the law of attraction to your advantage. You will learn how to use your own thoughts and emotions to attract what you want into your reality. 

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What Is The LOA & How to use It

The Law of Attraction is one of many universal laws. This law is used to attract people, things, scenarios, and outcomes into people's lives. Since we are the co-creator of our own lives, we can use this law to manifest what we want. It's very rare that something is a coincidence. The secret to using the LOA is to "act as if you already have it" and it will come to you. That seems like a vague explanation but it's true. You get what you expect to get. If you expect to get what you want then you will attract it. 

In my opinion, the best way to apply this law is to raise your vibrations and then set your intention on what you want. It will come faster. In simpler terms, think of something, or do something that makes you extremely happy. Think about that very thing until you feel a shift in your  mood. Then, tell the Universe exactly what you want and when you want it by. After you do that, you wait to receive it. 

It doesn't matter if you want to know how to manifest money, cars, love, your dream home, or a vacation, the routine stays the same. Work on your energy and good things will come to you, including what you want. 

Manifesting Tools I have for you

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Manifestation Momentum (Affirmations & Visualizing Scenarios)

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Guided Scripting Worksheets (Up to 16 Subjects)

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how to Manifest "Everything Bundle"

Today, I purchased your bundle package. I'm so grateful that I decided to buy your product. At first, I was nervous, but once I received the materials, it was beyond what I could imagine. I'm so impressed with your materials, and tonight, I will start reading your blueprint! I can't wait to start my journey and get everything I desire.

Cicilia Minor

Youtube subscriber + customer

Manifested $5,000. OMG I needed that money to move. Thank You Love Gal

Nita Reshea

Youtube subscriber + customer

Hi there

My name is Amber (the Love Gal)

While I don't consider myself a LOA coach, I have helped countless people tap into their own power to manifest anything that they desire. Manifestation is supposed to be fun, but many people don't know where to start. 

Four years ago, I put out a video that talked about my manifestation routine. I had no idea that it would change my life. My Video "How I Manifest Literally Anything Using the Law of Attraction" has over 200,000 views. Since then, I have put out many other law of attraction videos to help others manifest different things. 

From my blog

laws of attraction

3 Universal Laws That You Need to Manifest Anything

There are multiple Universal laws that can help you manifest your deepest desires. In this blog post, I talk about which universal laws that I recommend using on your manifestation journey. 

how to detach with the law of attraction

How to Successfully Detach While Manifesting – Step By Step

Detaching while trying to attract the very thing on your mind can be difficult. How do you detach when your manifestation is the only thing that you can think about? In this blog post, I give you a few detachment tips that you can start using today. 

manifest a message from your specific person

How to Manifest a Message From Someone Specific

Is it possible to manifest a message from your specific person that you're thinking about? Absolutely! It doesn't matter if you're not on favorable terms. I have done it multiple times using this routine. 

how to manifest money

How to Manifest Money As a Complete Beginner

Money is something that every human on this planet will need at some point. Wanting to know how to manifest more money isn't a bad thing. It just means that you either want more stability or you want to make a specific purchase. In this post, I talk about how to use manifestation to attraction money easily. 

my proven Law of Attraction Tools

My system is for you if:

You know the power of Manifestation
You are open to trying different manifestation methods
You're willing to do the work consistently
You Want More Out of Life
You have issues manifesting the things that you REALLY want

My system is NOT for you if:

You will download the tools and not do anything with them
You're not willing to do any manifestation techniques
You don't want more out of life
You don't think the LOA is real
You're not excited about your future

The things I Teach In My Videos

How to Manifest More Money
How to Manifest a Message From Your SP
How to Manifest Extremely Fast
How to Detach From Your Thoughts So Your Manifestation Will Come 
How to Redirect Your Thoughts In the Right Direction
How to Script So It Actually Happens
Why Your Manifestation Is On Hold From Coming
How to Get Your Ex Back Using Manifestation
How to Raise Your Vibrations with Simple Activities
And More
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A website that teaches how to manifest to attract what you want into your reality using your thoughts and emotions. 


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