Crush Your Goals and Manifest Your Biggest Desires Easier In 2023

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Save Time Co-Creating with the Universe & Unlock Your Biggest Goals for 2023  

Imagine Filling Out Fun,  Printable, Guided Scripting Pages Designed  to Help You Organize Your Thoughts Each Month, Set Your Intentions, and Manifest Everything That You Want in 2023

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Hi There...

I'm Not Sure About You, But I Am Excited for 2023...

I believe 2022 was about growth and reflection, but 2023 is about growth and expansion.

If you don't have a clue on who I am, my name is Amber aka The Love Gal. I have helped millions of people online manifest things into their lives. I have also helped thousands with my law of attraction tools in the past. I am still receiving positive reviews 'til this day.

I wanted to create something special for 2023. 

This downloadable + printable bundle includes over 100+ pages of manifestation sheets, healing worksheets, goal setting sheets, and organization sheets for 2023. This is to help you stay on track, manifest easier, and assist you with feeling accomplished by the end of 2023.


What's Included in this Planner

Guided Scripting Sheets to Help You Manifest What You Want to Happen Each Month of the Year
Neville Goddard's 3-6-9 Method for Each Month
Quick Gratitude Activity to Remind the Universe That You're Grateful
Inner Child Healing Sheets to Help Address Certain Things That May Be Causing Limiting Beliefs
Goal & Execution Worksheets to Help You Organize Your Thoughts and Take Inspired Action
Personal Reflection Activity to Help You Get on Track in 2023
Manifest Your Partner Scripting Activity to Help You Attract the Person That Is Meant for You
Dream Home Activity to Help You Set Your Intention on Where You Want to Live and How You Would Like It to Be
Increase Your Income Intention Setting Activity to Help You Co-Create with the Universe About How Much Money You Would Like to Earn
High Vibration Weekly Calendar to Keep You at Your Highest Frequency to Manifest Faster
Weekly Calendar to Help You Organize Your Activities 
Positive Morning Checklist to Assist You in Starting Your Day off Right
Daily Planner with Time-Slots to Help You Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed
Mid-Month Emotion Check-In Activity Because Our Emotions Matter When Manifesting
Manifestation Tips Reminder Sheet. Sometimes We Need a Reminder on What to Do Next
And More!


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