Sky-Rocket Your Manifestation Momentum w/ Powerful Affirmations & Visualizing Scenarios

Want to Use the Right Affirmations & Visualize the Right "Stuff" But Don't Know Where to Begin? You Will Receive:

275 Momentum Building Affirmations Across 11 Subjects
33 Visualizing Scenarios That Will Tell You What to Visualize (11 Subjects) 
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Lifestyle & Abundance Only Edition Below for $33 USD


How Does It Work?

Using Affirmations and visualizing are like the Shaq & Kobe of manifestation. When you use these two together and persist in the end result of what you want, you will ultimately get your desire.

My  visualizing scenarios are new stories that you will imagine in your mind repeatedly. When it comes to manifesting, you have to convince your subconscious mind that something is real. And when you do, you will start to notice different things coming into fruition in your reality. The Universe will start to shift things, people, and situations around in your favor to get you what you want. These scenarios can be used as a guideline of imagining having what you want as if it has already happened. Feel free to make them even more personal to you and your story. If you want to add an element that makes it even more believable for you, then be my guest! 

Affirmations are sentences that put your intention out there and reprogram your subconscious mind to believe what is true. Circumstances do not matter. Affirmations help you persist through your reality. I have written over 275 affirmations. There are 11 subjects. Each subject gets 25 affirmations or more. 

Each subject also gets 3 visualizing scenarios to follow or make your own. 

I previously offered 4 visualizing scenarios and 25 affirmations for custom orders. It used to take around 8 business days to receive your order. Now, you will be emailed 33 visualizing scenarios and 275+ affirmations to your email within minutes. 

Subjects Included:

Having a Positive Day
Receiving Expected & Unexpected Money
Reconciliation w/ Your Specific Person
Buying Your Dream Car
Buying Your Dream House
Winning the Lottery
Being Happy w/ Life
Boosting Your Self Confidence
Getting Your Dream Job
Finding Your Soulmate
Fixing Your Relationship

Sneak Peak

Lifestyle & Abundance Edition Only - $33 USD

Included Subjects: Manifesting More Money, Buying Your Dream Car, Buying Your Dream House, Winning the Lottery, Having a Positive Day, & Getting Your Dream Home

(Discount Code Only Applies to Entire Bundle)

You Will Now Receive the Same Quality in Less Time

Before (Old Version)

Custom by Order
4 Visualizing Scenarios
25 Affirmations
8 Business Day Turn Around
$55 USD

Now (New Version)

A Variety of Popular Subjects Based on Previous Orders 
33 Visualizing Scenarios
275+ Affirmations
Sent to Your Email in Minutes
$55 USD

The Love Gal

As you may know, I , myself was personally curating custom affirmations and visualization scenarios for each person that ordered them from me. I have received so much positive feedback and I am truly grateful and honored to be assistance to those who are serious about manifesting their goals and desires. 

Seeing how I am only one person, I couldn't take on the beaming demand but I still want to help! With this instant download option, I can reach way more people. Based on the sample size of orders, I am finalizing my law of attraction bundle with 275 pre-made affirmations and 33 visualizing scenarios. The sample size of custom orders allowed me to see what most people are looking to manifest.

Sometimes, you need extra help and that's okay. These affirmations and visualization scenarios are beginner friendly. This bundle will also come with instructions to maximize your results. 

law of attraction coach

Amber (The Love Gal)

What You'll Receive In This Download

275+ Powerful Affirmations

Reprogram your subconscious mind and your belief system while attracting your desire at the same time. Affirmations can be used at any time of the day or night. 

33 Visualization Scenarios

If you can see it, then you can have it. Visualizing is an essential way of manifesting and saturating your subconscious mind into manifesting the results that you want. 

The Purchase Process

manifestation momentum

Please, keep these things in mind:

Please make sure your email address is correct. Be sure to double check and triple check your email address. This is how you will receive your file. If you are paying with Apple Pay, the email attached to your Apple Pay account is where the file is going. If you need to change your email address, please email me at [email protected] with your name, the date, and around what time your purchased. 
Paypal, Klarna, and Stripe process your payments. I personally can't see and don't touch your payment information. Your payment is encrypted and safe. You do not need a Paypal account to checkout with Paypal. If you do choose Paypal, you may not be automatically redirected to a download page. However, the download link will be sent to you via email. 
If you do not receive your order by April 4th, please email me and I will manually send you your file with no hesitation! The system is supposed to automatically send it to you but technology will technology at times. Either way, you will get what you paid for. 

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