gain instant access to the same fun & convenient GUIDED SCRIPTING PACKETS that have HELPED BEGINNERS WITH MANIFESTING

If you're looking to manifest your dreams and desires, using printable worksheets can help you stay focused and motivated. These manifestation printables can help you set intentions, track your progress, and stay organized as you work towards attracting abundance into your life.

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These manifestation worksheets are designed to help you set clear intentions and track your progress towards your goals. Start by writing down your desired outcome in the present tense, as if it has already happened. Then, you can refer back to everything you wrote down as it manifests. Finally, track your progress by checking off each manifestation after it happens. Use these worksheets regularly to stay focused and motivated on your manifestation journey.

What Is Scripting with the Law of Attraction?

Scripting is the act of writing down your goals, desires, and dream circumstances on paper and letting the universe bring what you want to you. You are manifesting around the clock whether you realize it or not. Today's thoughts, feelings, and ideas will project into your reality in the future. It is important to tell the universe exactly what you want and how you want it. 

Why Use A Guided Scripting Packet?

Scripting can be a tough concept to grasp if you don't understand what you should touch on in each entry. With our packets, you will be told what to include and what point of view to script from. It's a perfect balance of being guided and letting you use your imaginary to get exactly what you want. As of today, we have 10 different subjects to choose from.  

Each scripting packet will include at least 18 full pages with space to script under each guided scenario. No need to worry about if you left something out. Our guided paragraphs will give you hints on what to include so you don't forget anything. Scripting is so much fun! You have the ability to download these scripting worksheets and print or copy them as much as you would like. A law of attraction journal will eventually run out of pages, but you can print your new worksheets with no limitations. 

No printer? No problem! You can use the worksheets as a guide and script in your journal by hand! There are no limits to these worksheets. You can get started with your new law of attraction scripting worksheets in the next 5 minutes! You will be sent a link to your best email address so you can print them as soon as you would like. You won't be waiting days for these worksheets to be sent to you. No printer? Feel free to access them at your local print shop as many times as you would like.


The "Original" Scripting Bundle

how to manifest with the law of attraction
Building Self Love
Manifesting Your Perfect Partner
Practicing Gratitude
Increasing Your Income
Finding Limiting Beliefs
Manifesting Your Dream Home
Getting Your Ex Back
Manifesting a Text / Call 
Manifesting New Appearance

[New]  "Extension" Scripting Bundle

Dream Lifestyle
Dream Car
Success in Your Business
Dream Vacation
Fix My Relationship
Dream Date Night

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Building Self Love

Self Esteem comes from self love! Practice writing down the things you love about yourself with this guided scripting worksheet. 

Your Perfect Partner

Imagine meeting the perfect person for you. Better yet, how would you feel if you manifested your dream partner because you knew what to ask for?

Practicing Gratitude

Did you know that gratitude brings more things that you do like into your life? Start your day off with practicing praising the things in your life that you love and adore. Watch what happens when you show the universe that you love the things in your life. 

Increasing Your Income

It isn't about the money. It's about what you can do with the money. It's about the freedom you will have. It's about what you can buy without having to check your account. Now you can script your way to the income that you want. 

Finding Limiting Beliefs

We have all heard the saying, "You have to get rid of your limiting beliefs if you want to manifest!" That makes sense, but how? You no longer have to worry about it. You are about to script your way out of your limited beliefs with this guided scripting worksheet. 

Your Dream House

Manifest the exact house that you want into your life! This guided scripting worksheet will make sure you don't forget anything. Remember, with the law of attraction, your wish is the universes' command. Make your house the house of your dreams. Let's face it, stuff like this is fun. Let your imagine rip!

Getting an Ex Back

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to manifest an ex back into your life? Did you know that there are certain things that you should focus on and things that you shouldn't focus on to rekindle the love? It's okay. You will be amazed at what you should do and how much easier it is to manifest this. 

A Text or Call From Someone

Have you been waiting for someone to text or call you but too much has passed for your liking? Let's take it a step further and dive all the way into your scripting process to fix this prolonging issue. Let's get you feeling good about it!

Your New Appearance 

There is a way to manifest your new appearance. If you combine the law of attraction with the law of expectation and the law of action, you can look like anything you desire. Scripting can help you along your journey and give you things to think about. 

*New* Fix Your Relationship

It doesn't matter if you are trying to fix your relationship with your current partner, ex partner, friend, family member, or neighbor - everything starts with communication. In this law of attraction worksheet, you will walk through the steps you need to imagine that this relationship is fixed. You will be asked questions and also asked to write out certain scenarios to make your mind believe that it has happened already. 

*New* Your Dream Car

There has been a car that you have been eyeing for quite awhile. You know the exact make, model, year, and color that you want. This scripting packet helps you put yourself in the shoes of someone who owns it already. Let's take a drive in your mind. 

*New* Your Dream Lifestyle

Let's talk about it! Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years? You know that there is much more to what you're currently looking at. Where do you see yourself living? What car do you drive? What's your occupation? What does your family dynamic look like?  

*New* Your Dream Vacation

Where is that one place that you have to visit? The location of all locations. Is it Bora Bora? Is it Aspen? No matter where you would like to go, this guided scripting sheet covers all bases from things to pack to how the overall trip went. 

*New* Your Dream Date Night

Whether you would like to be romanced or do the romancing, this guided scripted worksheet will help you imagine yourself through the night with the person on your mind. Do you want to manifest a date with your crush? This is the perfect scripting packet to help you do so. 

*New* Success in Your Business

Are you a boss in the making and would love to manifest more customers or clients for your business? Do you want to see yourself so successful that your life has changed in more than aspect? This guided scripting packet helps you imagine yourself as successful as you would like to be. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get These Scripting Worksheets In the Mail?

In your email yes. As far as physical copies, you have the permission to print as many as you would like. 

Would I Have to Buy It Every time I Want to Print a New One?

Absolutely not. You can save the files to your computer or a mobile app like dropbox, google drive, etc. and print them whenever you would like. 

How Can I Purchase These Scripting Worksheets?

You can either purchase them individually or in a bundle by clicking the "add to cart" or "download now" button. You will be redirected to checkout through Paypal or Stripe. 

How Can I Get Them Printed If I Don't Have a Printer?

There are companies like Vistaprint that can mail copies to your house for a price, or local print shops like FedEx/Kinkos that you can print them out for a small fee. You can also use the guided scripting packets as a guide and script in your own journal.

What Is the Refund Policy?

To avoid theft, there is a no refund policy. The scripting worksheets are available instantly after purchase so please be sure before you go through the checkout process. 

What If Some Time Has Passed and I Haven't Received My Download Links?

Hey! It may have gotten lost in the cyber world but that's no problem. You can check your spam or promotional folder as well. Use our contact page to get in contact page and let us know that you haven't received your order. Please include your name, what you ordered, and the email used. We will manually send it to your email within 24-48 business hours. Please be patient on the weekends and holidays :). 

how should I use the scripting worksheets?


Find a quiet place to calm your mind. Eliminate any distractions that you can control.


Meditate/Focus on your breathing. Take 21 deep breaths In and out slowly. Take your time. 

Raise Your Vibrations

Think about something that makes you happy it puts a smile on your face. Think about this thing until you feel a shift in your mood. You should feel good and happy.  

Start Scripting

You may break up the packet over a  course of a few days. There’s no rush. However, after each part, make sure you visualize what you wrote down  afterwards.

Who Are Our Scripting Guides For?

People who want to start scripting but doesn't know where to begin
People who are bored with their current scripting routine
People who know the power of scripting and want to do it the right way 
People who need help with visualizing different scenarios to manifest
People who want to make sure they are giving enough detail while scripting 

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