how to visualizeLearning how to visualize will be your secret weapon while practicing manifestation. There is something that you want in your life. It may be a person, place, goal, or thing. You desire this thing so bad that you have taken getting it into your own hands. That’s why you are here. You know with the law of attraction, you can have anything that you desire. However, you want to make sure you are doing everything in your power to make sure you are visualizing correctly. Let’s be honest – you want what you want sooner rather than later. Visualizing can take your thought or idea and attract it into your reality. However, there are steps that you should practice before, during, and after visualizing to see results. In this article, you will learn a powerful visualizing routine to manifest your wishes into your life fast.




How to Visualize While Using the Law of Attraction

How to Visualize and Manifest with the law of attraction

While learning how to visualize, know that you don’t have to overthink it. Follow the steps below and what you want will manifest when you are in alignment with it. Visualizing for manifestation doesn’t actually start with your visualizations. It starts with your mood and energy before you start imaging about what you want.

Step 1: Clear your mind. When it comes to the law of attraction, you have to make room for your what you are trying to manifest. The process of manifestation begins in your mind. Take 10 to 15 minutes to clear your mind through meditation. Close your eyes and take a series of deep breaths in a slow manner. Take a deep breath while counting to four. Exhale while counting to four in your mind. Do this at least 21 times. You should notice yourself feeling better at the end of this breathing exercise.

Step 2: Become as happy as possible. Your energy is a crucial. It determines if you will manifest positive or negative things into your life. Before visualizing, you need to raise your vibrations. This step is a process and will take time to do if you are in a bad mood. To raise your vibrations, think about people, places, or memories that make you happy. Focus on why this subject makes you happy. Each thought counts. Practice one positive thought after another. Take 20 minutes to an hour to raise your vibrations by thinking about a subject that makes you happy. When your vibrations are high, you will feel a shift in your body. You will literally feel good. You may even find yourself smiling naturally.

Step 3: Switch to visualizing the outcome. Don’t get wrapped up in how your manifestation will get to you. That’s not up to you. You only need to take action if the universe sends you signs to do so. After you have raised your vibrations to the maximum capacity, immediately switch to visualizing having what you want. See it vividly as possible. By becoming as happy as possible before visualizing, you are giving all of that positive energy into your manifestation. Positive energy is what fuels manifestations to come faster.

Step 4: Switch your focus to something else after visualizing. Do not take too much time thinking about what you want. When you spend too much time thinking about your desires, you are taking a risk of letting doubt, insecurities, and dear to seep into your mind. You need to keep negative thoughts far away from the thoughts of what you want.

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