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You didn’t stumble across this article by coincidence. The answer to your question lies among the words on your screen. If you’re not familiar with me, I am known around the world as “The Love Gal“. I am the author behind the lawofattractionblueprint.com. There’s no simple way around raising your vibrations in order to manifest. It’s a step that you have to do in order to manifest with the law of attraction. With the law of attraction, you have to be in alignment with what you want in order for it to project into your reality. If you are reading this blog post, there’s a great chance that you want to manifest something that will make you happy. In order for that to happen, you have to become happy now. In this article, you will learn seven free ways to raise your vibrations instantly.


How to Raise Your Vibrations Instantly



  1. Earthing – In the simplest terms, earthing is the act of connecting with mother nature by touching, sitting, or laying in natural resources such as grass, sand, water, etc. While earthing, you are absorbing energy from the earth. You need positive energy to manifest positive things. If you want to participate in earthing, take your socks and shoes off and go stand in grass, dirt, or sand. You can even stand or swim in bodies of water to absorb energy from the earth.
  2. Focusing on a subject that you love – Love is the most pure and positive emotion that you can emit into the universe. By focusing on something you really love, you are emitting that frequency. Practice emitting the frequency of love by saying why you love this particular person or thing. Think about your favorite memories with this person or thing. You will be able to tell when your vibrations are high when you genuinely feel happy and blessed. Keeping thinking loving thoughts until you reach that point.
  3. Listening to music – Music is a beautiful language that is understood in every country. How is that possible? A person doesn’t have to understand the words to feel the music because of the emotions projected in the song.  You need to listen to music that puts you in a good mood. Stay away from music that reminds you of sad moments in your life.
  4. Practicing gratitude – It is no secret that the universe will only give you more of what you want if you are appreciative for what you already have. Take some time to look around and realize how blessed you are. It doesn’t have to be amazing things going on around you. You can start by being grateful for the little things. Name as many things as you can that you are grateful for.
  5. Spending time with the people you love – Your circle has an effect on your emotions. Choose to be around people who has a positive effect on your mood. Steer away from people who make you feel sad, mad, or triggered. Be in the moment with the people that you love the most.
  6. Drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables – Everything that you eat has energy. To keep things simple, the most natural food are the ones that grow directly from the earth. Meat, processed foods, and fast foods hold the lowest frequency. Raise your vibrations by eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water. You can jump start your day with a raw fruit, spinach, and kale smoothie. It won’t taste like your neighborhood Jamba Juice but it will work wonders on your vibrations! Follow up with a bottle of water. Your body should feel great afterwards.
  7. Meditation – If you struggle with staying focused while meditating, try picking an object around you to focus on. It could be anything. The purpose of having something to focus on is to refocus when your mind wanders. Meditation calms the mind from the millions of thoughts you have throughout the day. Take 15 minutes to calm the mind, take deep slow heavy breaths, and focus on an object.


Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

A perfect day of practicing raising your vibrations would look like this:

Wake up and before you get out of the bed or look at your phone, name off 15 to 20 things that you are grateful for. Rise out of bed and head to your bathroom. Wash your face and brush your teeth. Get in the bath or shower. While you’re bathing, play your favorite songs at a high volume and sing along to them. Remember, play songs that make you feel good. When you get out of the shower and get dressed, open your blinds or drapes to get some natural light flowing through your home. Make yourself a smoothie and drink it. Follow your smoothie with a bottle of water. Exercising wasn’t on the list but exercising releases negative toxins from your body.

Of course you have to complete your regular daily duties but you should start your day off strong. When you feel overwhelmed, take 15 minutes to meditate. Remember to focus on something or someone that you love very much. Think about the subject in a positive light. Why do you love it? How does it make you feel? Each positive thought is a point. Try to get to at least 20 points.

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