How to Manifest Money with the Law of Assumption via Youtube


Welcome to the Law of Attraction Blueprint ! The purpose of this website is to teach as many people how to manifest fast and easily. In this article, you will learn how to manifest money into your life as a complete beginner. Manifesting money should be fun for you. If you can manifest parking spaces or a gift card from a friend, then you should be able to manifest the money that you want too. Be sure to read this article to the end to learn everything you need to know about manifesting more money into your life.

How to Manifest Money As a Beginner


Step 1: Take a Moment to Clear Your Mind

Your mind is a blank canvas. You can draw out any and everything that you would like to project into your reality. But first, you need a clean slate. The first thing that you need to do is go to a quiet room. This can be your bedroom, your bathroom, your office, or your closet. This room shouldn’t have any distractions because you need to focus.

Next, you should sit down somewhere comfortable. Take a deep breath. Once you’re settled, close your eyes. Take a moment to examine the energy and silence in the room. After 3-5 minutes of observing your surroundings, stop. It’s time to clear your mind through your breathing.

Breathe in while mentally counting to four. Exhale slowly while mentally counting to four. Take your time with it. There’s no need to rush. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Once you get to your 11th inhale, start incorporating positive daily affirmations. Great examples would include, “I am happy with who I am” and “I am happy with what I have”. As you breathe in, say a positive affirmation. As you exhale, say another one. Repeat this exercise 10 more times with your positive affirmations included.


Step 2: Start Thinking A Memory, Person, or Activity That Makes You Extremely Happy

With the law of attraction, you will attract your wants into your reality by feeling good! The goal is to get as happy as possible first before trying to manifest what you want. By doing so, you will attach your positive feelings to your manifestation. Think of positive feelings like a battery pack and you need the fuel to bring your manifestations to you.

Take 10 minutes and think about something that makes you extremely happy. Think about the details of it. Why does it make you happy? It’s okay to smile during this process. If you need more time to start feeling good then take it.


Step 3: Immediately switch to visualizing about the amount that you want

Visualize the number in your head. See the number. Imagine the number with a dollar sign in front of it. See the amount in your bank account. Imagine counting the amount that you need over and over again.

The visualizing step is very important. If you need help with visualizing, try our guided scripting worksheets for increasing your income and/or winning the lottery. They will help you come up with realistic scenarios so you can visualize effectively and not leave out key details that you need. You can download them here.

Remember, always visualize the outcome of what you want.


Step 4: Detach from the outcome

When it comes to the law of attraction, you may have heard of the term “detachment”. Some may say, “you must detach and forget about what you want for it to come.” In reference to the law of attraction, detachment simply means that you should convince yourself that you will be fine regardless of if you have what you want or not.

If you want something out of desperation, thinking about it all the time will not make it manifest. Thinking about the money that you need all of the time will only attach fear and doubt to it. In simpler terms, money won’t come if you are doubting that it will come or fear that you won’t have it in time.

If you know that you have ill feelings towards money for whatever reason then you should only focus on things that make you happy.


Step 5: Expect the money to come because it has to. It is the law.

Along with the law of attraction, the law of expectation will help you manifest money into your life. What you expect to happen will happen. Keep that in mind when trying to manifest more money into your life.