how to use telepathy

There is someone who is on your mind right now. You want to talk to them. You either want them to message you first or you don’t have a way to contact them. It’s okay. The universe is on your side. As humans, we have been using telepathy to send messages to each other for hundreds of years. It is possible to send your thoughts and energy to another person and have them receive it. In this article, you will learn what telepathy is and how to use it to send a message to someone without using your phone. During the telepathy process, you will use your thoughts to send a message to your person of your choice. If there is something that you would like to tell them, you can do so by using your mind. They will receive your message and think about you. Get ready to hear from the person you are thinking about! Using telepathy can make you receive a message from someone almost instantly. However, depending on the person and circumstances, it may take a period for you to hear from them.

What Is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the act of focusing on a specific person and sending them a specific message.  Telepathy is the original source of communication between human beings. Typically when you send a message telepathically, you will receive a message, a phone call, or even run into this person. You can send a message telepathically using your thoughts and energy. Telepathy and the law of attraction go hand and hand. Follow the 5 steps below to start using this method of communicating with your person.

How to Use Telepathy the Right Way

Follow the Steps Below

  1. Raise your vibrations.  In simpler terms, you have to be in a joyous or loving mood to manifest anything. In this situation, you are trying to manifest a conversation with someone specific using telepathy. If you aren’t in the best of moods for whatever reason, do not attempt telepathy until you are out of your funk. The goal is to be genuinely happy. To raise your vibrations instantly, start focusing on something that makes you happy. This can be a person, place, or thing. Strictly focus on this thing for at least 30 minutes. Name off every reason this thing makes you happy and why you love it so much. This thing doesn’t have to be related to the person you want to hear from. It is recommended that this joyous thing doesn’t have anything to do with them.
  2. Focus on your person in a positive way. If you miss someone, it is easy to think about how sad you are because the two of you haven’t spoke. However, this is the wrong thing to do. Think about why you love this person. Think about what this person means to you. Think about the good memories that you have with this person. Envision this person’s face and energy. How do you feel when you’re around this person? Focus on this person for at least 10 minutes. Send them good energy. You can send them good energy by wishing that they would have a good day.
  3. Think about what you want to say to them and say it out loud. There is something that you would like to say to this person. What is it? Tell them exactly what you want to say to them. Say it out loud like you are talking directly to them. It doesn’t matter how long or short the message is. Repeat this exercise for 5 days in a row. Yes, tell them what you want to tell them out loud everyday for 5 days in a row.
  4. Visualize them reaching out to you. What is your dream scenario? Do you want them to reach out to you via text? Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to contact you on social media? Visualize them picking up there phone and typing a message to you. What does that message say? Visualize them typing out that exact message.
  5. Visualize receiving their message. It’s your turn to receive the message that you person just sent. Grab your phone and envision receiving the notification that your person just sent you. What does the notification noise sound like? What does your screen look like with the message from them sitting there? Now that you have completed these 5 steps, let go and start thinking about something else. The only step that you need to repeat is #3. Trust that the universe is doing things behind the scenes to get you what you want.

How to Make Someone Think About You

Telepathy is the best way to make someone think about you without you reaching out to them. You are simply using your thoughts and emotions to make them think about you. If you want someone to think about you, start by sending positive messages and focusing on what they look like. Here are some examples on what to think and/or say to make them think about you:

  • Hey _____, I miss you.
  • I love talking to you _____.
  • I hope you have a great day _____.
  • I love when we spend time together _____.
  • I want to talk to _______.
  • It would be super cool if I heard from ________.

In conclusion, if you want to use telepathy to talk to someone, you absolutely can. Even if you don’t want to receive a message, but you want to send them good energy. You can use telepathy to do so.

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