mercury retrogradeHey there, this is Amber with This website discusses the law of attraction and how to use manifestation to your advantage. However, today’s topic will be a little different. I am here to discuss mercury retrograde and why you shouldn’t make heavy decisions during this time period. If you are researching the mercury retrograde, you either want to know what it is or want to know more information about it. In this post, I will be giving you insight on the retrograde and what happened to me in the love department during mercury retrograde 2019-2020.


What Mercury Retrograde Is & How It Will Affect You

Mercury retrograde occurs when the planet Mercury spins in the opposite direction of planet Earth. You would think that something so far away wouldn’t effect us here on Earth. However, Mercury Retrograde has a tendency to expose a lot of things within ourselves. Some people experience heavy emotions. This retrograde occurs at different times of the year. If you would like to know when mercury retrograde occurs for the current year, go to your favorite search engine and type in “mercury retrograde + year”. As I type this article, it is 2020. To find out what time period will be affected, you would search “mercury retrograde 2020”.

As stated below, a lot of things will come to the surface for you. More than likely, these are things that will show you what department you need to heal in. It is normal if you are overly emotional. It is normal if you are triggered. Don’t focus on what is happening. Focus on why it’s happening. The universe wants to see if you have learned and/or healed from your past during this time.  If you find yourself in a cycle, then you are not healed all the way from your past.

This is the time of the year that people from your past will resurface. This can include ex’s, old friends, and toxic family members. In my personal experience, the energy around this connection has a lot to do with when the retrograde occurs. For example, this year’s retrograde falls during the Scorpio season. Qualities of Scorpio season is passionate and persistent. It’s no coincidence that past lover’s come crawling back during Fall and Winter months.


Why You Shouldn’t Make Important Decisions During Mercury Retrograde

Simply put, occurrences during this particular retrograde are temporary. My best advice to you is to wait to make any life-changing decisions until after the retrograde is over. Wait to get into a serious relationship. Wait to sign on the dotted line. Wait to make a big purchase. You should wait on any big changes because your feelings around the situation will most likely change. Or, you will find flaws in what you were about to do. Being an adult during this period requires patience. The best thing you can do is focus on yourself and heal from your past traumas.

When you make an important decision during mercury retrograde, it will come to an end around the next retrograde period. You may doubt that the person you are with will breakup because the passion is there. If you guys made it official during mercury retrograde then there is a big chance that it will end during another mercury retrograde period.

Don’t get me wrong, I want everyone to experience real love. I am not trying to jinx anyone, either. If you don’t believe me, go back and look at when you met your long-term friends. I bet you didn’t meet them during the retrograde of that year. Now, go look at the people who are no longer in your life for whatever reason. Did you meet them during retrograde of that year? If you got into a relationship during retrograde, did it end towards the end of retrograde or during another retrograde?

I did the calculations on myself and everything aligned.

What Happened When I Got Into a Relationship With An Ex During Mercury Retrograde


I felt as though I was being drawn to my ex. The same ex I said I was over. The same ex I said I wasn’t attracted to anymore. The same ex that I hadn’t seen or spoke to in years. The same ex that had did me so dirty in the past. There I was – at his house and in his bed. I had no explanation as to why at first. I was there and there was extreme passion. Deep down, I knew he wasn’t my forever. But for some reason, I was trying to find reasons to make it work. I found myself staring at him while he slept like I was in love all over again. I was going through the motions as if it were really a forever thing.

I was over his place cooking and staying the night. I had a drawer and room in the closet. He gave me a key to come and go as I pleased.

You see, when things fall apart during mercury retrograde, an event will happen. I literally felt a shift. It’s like I snapped out of a trance. I looked at him completely different. It’s like all of the emotions that I was feeling wasn’t real at all. I remember leaving his house one day without saying a word. He watched me get in my Lyft. He yelled out, “…well bye?!” I remember barely turning around to respond.

As of right now, he is blocked on social media and on my phone. I blocked him because he is still in love with me. And as much dirt that he has done to me, I don’t believe in toying with anyone’s mind…even if it is because of mercury retrograde.


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