how to detachIf you are wondering how to detach from someone you love, then you have ran across the right article. Detaching is the hardest part of moving on. A large percentage of feeling like you love someone is the attachment you have to that person. You may be attached to the memories or what they have done for you. However, at this point in your life you know you need to move on. You want to detach from a relationship or friendship that meant the world to you at one point. This may be a person who you saw your forever with. But, you know once you move on, you can find the true happiness that you deserve. In this article, you will find helpful techniques on how to detach from someone you love and move on.


How to Detach From Someone You Love

The first step to detaching from someone you love is being honest with yourself. Ask yourself, “why aren’t we compatible?” Many times we like to convince ourselves with reasons as to why we are compatible. All the while, we ignore the red flags that are in front of us. Realize that some people were meant to come in our lives to make us evolve and grow. They weren’t necessarily meant to be in your life forever. As you grow, you will learn to appreciate time spent with people and learn to live in the moment without expectations.

The second step is to look at the time you spent with this person as a lesson. What are the good lessons that you learned while interacting with this person? What are the not so pleasant lessons that you learned while interacting with them? What have you learned about yourself during this time? Thank them for everything they taught you. By thanking them, you are taking your power back. Your time is never wasted when you appreciate the lessons in your journey.

The third step is to focus on bettering yourself and your situation. The more you are focus on yourself and spoiling yourself will result in thinking about them less. It will be natural for them to cross your mind but you shouldn’t let them occupy your thoughts for too long. What can you do right now to make your life better? Focus on that. You are your main priority now. Make a list of things that you can do to improve your life and start working to complete your goals.

The fourth step that you can take to detach from the person you love is look forward to the kind of relationship that is better for you. You can manifest your ideal friend or dream partner. There is someone out there who is a better match for you. If you expect to meet them then you will, according to the Law of Expectation. If you would like to learn more about manifesting, check out this article.