My Personal Coaching Has Helped Others Fix Their Relationship and manifest their biggest desires with a unique plan

"Trying to Connect w/ My Ex for Over 2 Years"

I am a real person who has been trying to reconnect with my ex for over 2 years. I met Amber on YouTube after months of frustration working with other individuals. I paid a lot of money for programs I did the work but what makes Amber unique and different is that she takes the time to understand you and your relationship and gives sound advice based on your situation. I am amazed at the progress I have made with Amber, I was able to get in touch with my guy the same day I reached out which is unbelievable but not really. I felt like I had a lot of resistance and after working with Amber I no longer have resistance nor attachment to the outcome or situation. This is a real person who was skeptical at first but took a chance and I am glad I did. Stay tuned for more updates from me and my guy.




In 2018, I used to give personal advice for a reasonable fee. Although, it went well and people received great results from it, I had to let it go due to my schedule becoming demanding. 

I gave my opinion on a person's situation and I allowed them to ask me a couple of specific questions that I would answer. Personal advice sessions would be about love advice, law of attraction advice, business marketing advice,  friendship advice, money advice, and more. 

I have received TONS of emails about when would I open up personal advice sessions again. Today is that day. 

It is a first come, first serve. It wouldn't be fair to allow an unlimited amount of people reserve a spot. There's only one of me and I like to give real advice. 

Please note, advice is asked for and replied to by email. If you purchased 30-day text message access then I will send you my number after you send me your story via email. 

How does it work?

(Personal Advice is an one-time payment of $97 USD (for text access). You are paying for my time, advice, and unbiased opinion. If I feel as though that I cannot help you, your payment will be refunded with no problem.) 

1.) You will use the purple button above or below to reserve your spot. Only a limited amount of people will be allowed to reserve a spot. After all spots are filled, no one else will be able to pay to reserve their spot at this time.  You can reserve your spot with payment and submit your information when you have time. There is no rush. Please let me know via the email below if you are saving your spot and using it later.

2.)  After payment, you will send a DETAILED email to [email protected] with the subject title "Personal Advice Reservation". Please include your name, proof of payment, phone number, and your situation that you would like advice on (detailed background information AND your two-three specific questions). Please include all information that may affect my answers upfront please. If another party is involved, try not to be one sided as much as possible. Try to give me the whole picture. It's okay if you're not a saint. No one is perfect. Feel free to use the form below as well. 

Feel free to send an audio message via a Google Drive link or something similar to my email as well if it makes things easier on you! However, please limit the audio time to 45 minutes. I will take notes as I listen to your story. 

3.) Please allow up to 7 business days AFTER you send your detailed email to get your personal advice from me. It may not take that long at all. However, I don't want to rush your situation. 

Note: You can send your payment now to reserve your spot and save the advice for a later date as well. Just make sure you bookmark this page for future reference. Unless I can't help you, there is a no refund policy. I will let you know if I can't help you after I read your email and refund your payment as soon as possible. 

Talk to you soon! 

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Dating & Relationships
Life Advice

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